Madame Cookie: Who is she?

Here are some frenquently asked questions about Madame Cookie:
Madame Cookie poses with her pretty pin bowtie
Who is Madame Cookie?

Madame Cookie is a fluffy, adorable cat living in Normandy,

How old is Madame Cookie?

She is approximately 5 years old as her vet said she was probably born around September 2016. 🙂

Where did you get Madame Cookie?

Cookie was found living on the street near the school of a good friend’s daughter back in 2017. She convinced her grandmother to take Cookie in as she was in a pretty bad state. I had seen Cookie a couple of times when I visited. However, we never really met until I was asked to catsit for my friends at the last moment in July 2020. I immediately fell in love with her! Due to unfortunate circumstances and seeing how crazy I was for this cat, they offered to let Cookie stay with me permenantly. I discussed it with Cookie that night, and the rest is history!

Why does Madame Cookie have her own website?

Well, it all started when I decided I was going to keep her. I created her Instagram page as a way of making sure I was spending enough time with her. Plus, I wanted to forceyself to learn more about cats (Cookie is my first indoor cat). The goal was to post 1 photo every single day for 365 days, and we did it. Over that time, the vision grew and I knew I wanted to do more : recipes, charity work, sharing tips and tricks, etc. This website serves as an outlet for my many interests and passions!

What is Cookie like at home?

She is a princess: adorable, but demanding. Cookie is always next to me. If I am on the couch, she is on my lap. She needs attention 24/7, and I happily give it to her. She loves being brushed and occasionally like to run around and play with the laser pointer in the morning or when I come home from work. Cookie can be shy at first with new people, but it only takes a few minutes for her to warm up!

What are some of her favorite things?

Cookie loves taking naps on her cat tree, playing in her cat tunnel with her favorite feather toy. She also loves mealtime and snacks, of course! Cookie has an automatic kibble dispenser that has some yummy grain-free dry food. Plus, she also gets a small portion of some wet food each day to mix things up. When she’s not playing, sleeping, or eating, she’s probably begging to be brushed. It takes a lot of brushing to keep her fur so nice and fluffy!

What does she not like?

Cookie is unfortunately not a fan of living with other cats, something I would love to work on in the future! She also hates when I don’t wake up a 8 a.m. on the dot to feed her – she will often start chewing on my hair until I get up.

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