August’s Theme: Last Days of Summer

As part of our 12-month project, I wanted to celebrate up-and-coming artists! Each month, I will commission artwork from a few incredible artists I’ve found online. However, it’s not enough to just buy art from them, I want to spotlight their work. Check out August’s featured art! Here are all the illustrations/artworks I have commissioned this month. You’ll also find their social media accounts and/or Fiverr links to order your own commission!

Chibi Campfire Cookie by xiaoweiiishere (via Fiverr)

When I started looking for cute animal artists, I stumbled across xiaoweiishere on Fiverr. They were such professionals with my request and made sure I was happy with the commission each step of the way! I absolutely love this style and all the small details are perfect. The stars in the background, the fire glow on the marshmallow, perfection! I cannot recommend xiaoweiishere enough – super fast, great communication, and excellent commission prices!

You can find xiaoweiishere on Fiverr to order your own artwork or on Instagram.

Cozy Campfire Cookie by ritaatlas (via Fiverr)

One word to describe ritaatlas’s work: STUNNING. I found ritaatlas on Fiverr when looking for artists who specialized in drawing animals and instantly fell in love! She specializes in art for children’s books, and I can totally see why. I jumped at the chance in hopes of getting ritaatlas to do some artwork for me. To my suprise, I got a message back and she was available right away. So excited to have her work for August’s featured art. I gave Rita tons of photos of Cookie and some basic instructions. I could not be happier with the illustration she did for me!

You can find ritaatlas on Fiverr to order your own artwork or on Instagram.

S’mores Cookie Art by Faye/mushr00mb1tch00 (via Instagram)

I found my first two artists fairly easily, but it was more difficult to find someone to do the recipe art. However, one day, I was on Instagram and stumbled across some art by mushr00mb1tch00. Faye had drawn some pancakes by request of someone else, and it was exactly the style I was looking for. It’s simple, yet detailed. It represents the recipe well, but doesn’t completely distract from the other content. So happy to have found them and will hopefully be doing so for 11 more months! You can find the recipe for our S’mores Cookies here.

You can find mushr00mb1tch00 on Instagram.

August Ingredient Art by illustrasyo (via Fiverr)

At first, I thought I was just going to do a simple ingredient list on the Instagram recipe cards. That all changed when I found illustrasyo on Fiverr! Upon my first message, they were doing sketches and making sure their style is what I wanted. I knew just from the examples on their profile that I would be happy! It’s really difficult to find ingredient icons for everything I need. I was so happy to have someone do custom icons for me! Great service and super fast communication, great for anyone doing infograms or social media stories. You can find the recipe for our S’mores Cookies here.

You can find illustrasyo on Fiverr to order your own artwork or on Instagram.

Thank you so much to my featured artists for this month! If you are an artist and want to help out during a future month, leave a message or send me an email:


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